SOD: It’s Godney Bitch- It Sure Is…!

I came across this site, through a share of a friend at work, the site has been created by O a creative studio based in Barcelona.

So who are O you ask well this is a snippet from their about page:

“O is directed by producers Emília Fort and Rafa Montilla, and by director Luis Cerveró, the three partners that founded the company in 2015. The concept behind O is simple: to create a structure that supports a group of image creators and grant them production capacity, without making any distinctions between personal projects and commercial jobs for clients demanding our services.

We’d also like to establish, through our web page, our own medium of expression to talk about what we like and raise debate around the communication business.”

O website is visually really stunning and if you love grid systems this will in particular please you but the content is equally though provoking and very engaging!

KOD: While the Cat’s Away the Mice Will…

Sit uncomfortably in silence, hoping for world peace. Although I do like how Bill and Kim are mirroring each other. As any relationship expert will tell you ” When two people enjoy similar things, they tend to move in sync with each other…When a person finds something in common with another, an instinctive fondness develops between them. This same effect is replicated by mirroring.” (source bifaloo).

clinto and jong il
Bill and Kim

While Hilary takes on Donald (I think we can safely say there will be no mirroring in that relationship) we can look back to a much more simpler time, when being a womaniser wasn’t quite so bad..

SOD: Procatinator

First there was the cat, then there was illegal music downloads…the internet was born. Now you can relive the joy here with a random cat video set to some funky dance track, a bit of soul or maybe even some hardcore electro. Just sit back with glass of wine and revel in the glory that is the internet. Thank you procatinator for utilising the internet for its true purpose….


P.S if you love their site you can get some amae ball merch here!!