Donald Trump Kim Jong Un

KOD: Trump Kim Summit, Dreams Do Come True

The Trump Kim summit was the stuff of dreams, and before you ask no we are not talking about Kim Kardashian..

Trump Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, Reality star, influencer, social activist and President Trump


The DPRs Kim Jong Un met with the Wests very own Dear leader and visionary Donald trump.
After months of name calling and will he, won’t he press the little red button and send rocket full of heat. They finally declared their true feelings a little bomb of mutual admiration was detonated…

Donnie Trump & Kim Jong Un

When Donnie met Kimmie

How long this budding bromance lasts, who knows but it’ll be a hell of a ride to who try’s to out manoeuvre who. As long no buttons are pressed.

creepy story excerpt

SOD: Creepy Story The Dionaea House

The Dionaea House was an accidental find on my part, on one of my regular reddit binges-you know where you lose track and end up well, down a rabbit hole.

This is a creepy story, told through two friends email conversation, about a house that contains unbelievable horrifying secret.

creepy story excerpt

This is a truly creepy and terrifying story, but a beautifully simple site design.