About North Korea is Awesome

Firstly let me say this, I do not in anyway support the utterly horrendous regime that people of the DPRNK are currently being subjected to and or the policies of the NK government.

I created this site after I cam across a picture of the OG Kim posing in front of a marina surrounded by cherry blossoms. I was at the time writing an article for a client about ‘How to Vacation in North Korea’. As part of this research I also discovered there was someone selling t-shirts that had the slogan ‘north korea is awesome’. I just simply had to have the domain as I wanted to do something with image. I had no idea what at the time, but I was a keen digital marketer so thought this could be a test site for all things SEO.

kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il West Sea Barrage, North Korea

However, I get bored quickly and I find working in the online sphere I like to look at weird stuff and get lost in a bit of rabbit hole. To cut a long story short I wanted to create a site that took minimal amounts of effort but was as is quoted on the homepage ‘classically weird’.

The premise is simple one weird Site of the Day (SOD) and one Kim of the Day (KOD), why the KOD element and not just a straight up site of the day structure…Well the Kim’s are the gift that keeping on giving and using there rich lunacy as the backdrop to my online explorations feels like a winning combo!

Suggestions are welcome send to admin@northkoreaisawesome.co.uk along with any comments or feedback..


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