creepy story excerpt

SOD: Creepy Story The Dionaea House

The Dionaea House was an accidental find on my part, on one of my regular reddit binges-you know where you lose track and end up well, down a rabbit hole.

This is a creepy story, told through two friends email conversation, about a house that contains unbelievable horrifying secret.

creepy story excerpt

This is a truly creepy and terrifying story, but a beautifully simple site design.


SOD: Hyper History – 3k Worths!

As we enter into what potentially could be the end of the world as we know it, well according to twitter it is..

Why not spend the last few days you have on earth not with your loved ones, but learning about more peaceful times. If this sounds like a plan for you then is the site for you!

“HyperHistory is an expanding scientific project presenting 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps.”

There are some fantastically retro graphic styled charts, which you can order as hard copies too. These charts have clickable sections which expand with information.

hyper history
History of Art -hyper history

Only thing- history seems to stop at Y2K…

SOD: It’s Godney Bitch- It Sure Is…!

I came across this site, through a share of a friend at work, the site has been created by O a creative studio based in Barcelona.

So who are O you ask well this is a snippet from their about page:

“O is directed by producers Emília Fort and Rafa Montilla, and by director Luis Cerveró, the three partners that founded the company in 2015. The concept behind O is simple: to create a structure that supports a group of image creators and grant them production capacity, without making any distinctions between personal projects and commercial jobs for clients demanding our services.

We’d also like to establish, through our web page, our own medium of expression to talk about what we like and raise debate around the communication business.”

O website is visually really stunning and if you love grid systems this will in particular please you but the content is equally though provoking and very engaging!

SOD: Procatinator

First there was the cat, then there was illegal music downloads…the internet was born. Now you can relive the joy here with a random cat video set to some funky dance track, a bit of soul or maybe even some hardcore electro. Just sit back with glass of wine and revel in the glory that is the internet. Thank you procatinator for utilising the internet for its true purpose….


P.S if you love their site you can get some amae ball merch here!!

SOD: Eastbourne Street Lighting

I stumbled across a fascinating little website which takes something as simple and mundane as streetlight and deconstructs into a fascinating catalogue. We at North Korea is Awesome salute you Eastbourne Street Light

Eastbourne Streetlight Home page
Eastbourne Streetlight Home page
Pressure Sodium Lantern
Pressure Sodium Lantern

No two pages on this site are the same!! Yellow, white and mint green are some of the choices for page backgrounds on this fascinating site!